A Deeper Groove.. a club for dialogues on music, artS & cultURE



Talking with customers and friends we often come around to the discussion that people spend too much time attached to smart phones, living through virtual interactions.  We remember the days when people would sit around with actual people for hours and just talk.  

We miss those days...

We wondered what we could do to offer an inviting alternative to encourage  people to ditch virtual and  “get real”.   We thought creating a club might be a good way of tackling the task. Our goal is to periodically host evenings of customer appreciation for our club members where we can bring back that lost art of face-to-face communication.  These evenings will most certainly include some food, some drink (BYOB) and a lot of old-fashioned conversation.  From time to time and with a little luck, we hope to invite artists of all genres to address our group.

When we looked around we didn’t find anyone doing this locally and so... 

A Deeper Groove was born.

A Deeper Groove  -  

let’s do more than just scratch the surface.  

  • Won’t you join us? Membership is $20 per year and offers the following perks:

Exclusive Events and Offers


A Deeper Grove Membership is twenty dollars per year. Members of the club, will have access to member only events plus exclusive store offers. Please look at the Membership Perks section for more details. 

How do you join and Pay for my membership ?


You can join the club directly at our store or here by clicking the Join Now link under this section. As a thank you for joining our club, you will receive a 10% off for a single Vintage Audio Purchase coupon. The savings from this coupon usually covers the first year membership fee of twenty dollars. Once registered,  you will be taken to a secure page with SQUARE Credit Card processing. 

Membership Perks

20% OFF Records EVERY 1st TUESDAY !!!


Start the month out right by browsing our huge (we think 10,000+ records is pretty sizable) collection of vinyl. Members enjoy 20% off their in-store purchase of vinyl on the first Tuesday of every month. 

A DEEPER GROOVE. Cultural Dialogues Nights


If spending a relaxed evening with a mish-mash group of people who simply love vinyl "strikes a chord" with you, then you're going to love these events. We hang out, talk about music and whatever esoteric ideas come from our discussions. You don't need to be a social butterfly to have a good time. Just bring your curiosity and a the desire to learn as an open dialogue unfolds.

Music Library


All things 780s.

(As in the Dewey Decimal System catalog numbers for music...)

 Vintage stereo systems aren't the only thing we've been collecting. We also curate a collection of books that touch on everything from musician biographies to eye-candy coffee table books. ADG members are granted access to this unique library. Pull up a comfy chair at the store or check a book out to to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  

Special Sales and Promotions


Everyone loves a good deal and ADG members enjoy exclusive offers and promotions throughout the year. 

Stay Connected


We won't bother you with an hourly email, but occasionally we will send you an update on what we have going on and  probably just quirky music stuff that we find interesting. ADG members will also have access to an old fashion printed version of our newsletter when they stop by the store. 




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